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Better Together, The Couples Ministry of CHRIST Church exists to encourage and equip men and women to grow together in their relationship with each other as they grow and develop their personal relationship with God.

We do that by connecting couples into community with other couples while encouraging them to develop the Six Building Blocks of a Healthy Marriage, Love, Trust, Respect, Commitment, Understanding and Faith.

Couple Talks

Couple Talks is a dinner party date night experience for couples whether dating, engaged, or married. It’s designed as a great time to build relationships and eat some good food, while learning and growing together as couples.

Six meeting nights at 18 different locations in and around Irving over three weeks, each week is a different topic.

How to Make Your Marriage A Priority

Tuesday | Feb 12: https://ccirving.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/67/responses/new

Friday | Feb 15: https://ccirving.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/68/responses/new

How to Pursue Your Spouse

Tuesday | Feb 19: https://ccirving.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/69/responses/new

Friday | Feb 22: https://ccirving.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/70/responses/new

How to Protect Your Marriage

Tuesday | Feb 26: https://ccirving.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/71/responses/new 

Friday | March 1: https://ccirving.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/72/responses/new

The cost per couple is $15 which pays for a catered dinner. Childcare is provided. To sign up or for more information contact steve@ccirving.com


This program is designed to prepare seriously dating and engaged couples for a strong, lasting marriage. Mature mentor couples help each mentored couple explore their relationship with the guidance of a diagnostic survey and core curriculum based on Biblical principles. Some of the topics include communication, conflict resolution, financial management, spiritual beliefs and relationship roles.


Marriage mentoring is the process of having a seasoned and experienced couple pull alongside a less experienced couple to help show them the way. It is for couples who are looking to grow as married couple but is also for couples who are really struggling in their marriage and are looking for hope

Using an online couple's diagnostic survey, our marriage mentors will help you identify key areas of concerns. They will then take that information and carefully help you navigate through issues derived from the survey. The weekly sessions will last up to 10 weeks and are approximately 1.5 hours long. Mentoring most often occurs in the home of the mentors.

If you would like more information contact our Pastor of Discipleship and Group Life Steve Allen: steve@ccirving.com

* Please fill out an form by clicking on the MALE REQUEST FORM or the FEMALE REQUEST FORM. Once you submit your form, you should hear back from our lead mentoring couple within the week.

Thanks for joining us on this very important journey. For more information, contact Steve Allen: steve@ccirving.com

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