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The GO MOVEMENT is an initiative starting at CHRIST Church Irving to make an eternal difference in the lives of our family, neighbors, coworkers, fellow students, and friends.  The GO MOVEMENT is not just a campaign to invite our friends to church. It is a transformative change in the way we see people.

We recognize we live in a broken world, and that Jesus Christ is the answer. God has placed this urgent burden on our hearts, and given us a perfect opportunity to make a lasting difference.  We are the hands and feet that will carry the message of restoration and redemption to a lost and broken world.  We have the location. We have the people. We have the organization. We have the heart. We have a compelling atmosphere.  We have everything we need.  We lack nothing. We are not embarrassed, ashamed, or fearful. It is our mission. It is our job. It is our time.  GO!

If our goals are met, substantial changes will continue to occur to meet the evolving needs of those God brings to us. We can’t do “church” the way we’ve always done it, or even the way we’ve done it since moving into our new building.

The vision of the GO MOVEMENT is to double the number of people attending churches in Irving in the next 10 years, and baptize and teach 800 people in 5 years. We seek authentic growth – not creating a place where people change from one church to ours, but growth of non-believers becoming believers in Jesus Christ, or those who do not attend church to start attending and growing in their faith again.

This ambitious faith step cannot be done by a church staff, or even the leaders. We’re praying for a movement of God’s people who will…GO into our world and make a difference, starting right here at home. It will take everyone doing our part to see God’s work done. We seek to be the body of Christ for the purpose of reaching the lost, and making a difference in our part of the world. At CHRIST Church, we are a people who GO.



  *  To double the number of people attending churches in Irving in 10 years.

 *  To baptize and teach 800 people at CHRIST  Church in 5 years.




The Mission of CHRIST Church 

is to be a God-loving, Christ-centered, 

Spirit-led hub where people can 

come to grow spiritually, and 

go share the gospel relationally.


Come to grow.  Go to share.





*  All are disciples, priests, ministers who are empowered to do God’s work.  That means YOU and ME.

*  ALL are called to GO…

GO…make disciples

GO…share with those in need

*  ALL  are called to Community.