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Marriage Mentoring

Marriage mentoring is for couples who need just a little help, as well as couples who are in great crisis and have no hope.

Marriage mentors will help you identify key areas of concerns using an online couple's diagnostic survey. They will carefully help you navigate through issues derived from the survey. The weekly sessions will last up to 10 weeks and are approximately 1.5 hours long. Mentoring most often occurs in the home of the mentors.

* Please fill out an form by clicking on the MALE REQUEST FORM or the FEMALE REQUEST FORM. Once you submit your form, you should hear back from our lead mentoring couple within the week.

Thank's for joining us on this very important journey. For more information on our mentoring process go to www.daretobedifferent.com

For more information, contact Steve Allen: steve@ccirving.com

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At CHRIST Church, discipleship happens in DNA Groups (Discipleship, Nourishment, & Accountability). The purpose of the DNA Group is twofold: to accelerate spiritual growth, that’s transformation; and to multiply disciples through intentional and accountable relationships. The fact is, we grow better and stronger in small accountable groups of 5-6 people. That’s the principle and practice behind DNA Groups. These groups exist to foster relationships for the purpose of discipleship and making disciples. These small accountability groups focus on developing relationships that train us to think and act like Jesus. We believe that every Christ Follower should be involved in discipleship, it is our mission. To take the next step, click the button below.

I want to be Discipled