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What is the Bridge?

"It's as though they were standing on one side of a deep, wide river, looking across to the further bank. On this bank you declare your faith. On the opposite bank is the ultimate result--final salvation itself. But what are people supposed to do in the meantime? Simply stand here and wait? Is there no bridge between the two?" -After You Believe, N.T. Wright

God crossed the first bridge. Coming down to earth as a man named Jesus, he laid down his life, wiping out the gap of sin that severed the relationship between God and Human. Now we have a bridge to cross. For many, it is a bridge from unbelief to faith. From rebellion to repentance. For those who have already crossed the bridge from death to new life in Christ, other bridges await. It may be the bridge between spiritual infancy and maturity in Christ. Between passively waiting on God and actively pursuing His presence. Between worshipping exclusively on Sunday mornings and developing a lifestyle of worship every day of the week.

These are the kind of bridges we hope to identify and cross in the young adult Bible study at CHRIST Church. We are committed to taking initiative in our pursuit of God, recognizing the next steps along our bridges and taking them. For this reason, while an element of teaching is present, the Bible study is heavily discussion based. We want to foster an environment of reflection and critical thinking about how to better know and follow Jesus.

When and Where?

The Bridge meets every Sunday at 9:30am in the Bridge Room around the corner from the Upper Lobby. We also like to hang out and volunteer during the week. For info on those outings, check out the Calendar page, or contact nick@ccirving.com and ask to be put on the email list and/or text group.