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The Christmas Table December 14, 2019

The CHRISTMAS TABLE  |  Saturday  |  December 14

What is the Christmas Table?

On Dec 14, we will invite families in need to come in and:

•  Receive a pre-arranged box of items for their Christmas Meal (this is a free gift)

•  “Shop” like they have in the past for food.  We will pre-arrange items in $10 groups which they can buy for $1.  For instance, they can choose from the canned goods section one “group” of canned goods.  If they want more greens, they may buy a group with more greens, but if they want more beans they can buy that group instead.  We will have tables with items separated just like a grocery store, with a canned goods table, a bread/tortilla table, etc.  They will buy the food groups they want.

•  They can also buy at 10% of cost kitchen needs - microwaves, pots, pans, dishes, utensils, can openers, etc.

•  They will receive “vouchers” for Cost-Plus that allow them to go to the store to “buy” eggs, cheese, milk, deli meat with their vouchers.

•  They will receive frozen venison hamburger meat.

How can you help?

Text FOOD to 43037 to receive a Grocery List and Weekly Ads from SAVERS COST PLUS. Shop here and tell the cashier you are with CHRIST Church to get 25% back.

Event Details

Day: Dec 14, 2019
Time: 9:00am
Location: CHRIST Church Irving
Map It1750 E Airport Fwy.
Irving, TX 75062