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Small Groups exist to walk together in community while challenging one another in taking tangible next steps on their journey with God

God created each of us for community but there is more to being a follower of Christ than hanging with a good group of friends. That’s why our Small Groups are designed with the goal of community and ongoing spiritual growth and no matter if you live in Spokane, Washington, Mexico City, Mexico or south Irving, Texas, there is a place for you.

In this day of social distancing and Covid-19, we now need connection more than ever. If you’d like to connect, both online and in-person, while moving forward in your relationship with God, we can help.


Feeling Lost in the New Normal of Life?  •  CLICK HERE

Single Men and Women 20-30 yrs  •  CLICK HERE

Couples, Men and Women with Teenagers  •  CLICK HERE

Women  •  CLICK HERE

Women, single or married who are looking for community but feel they don’t fit in  •  CLICK HERE

Moms of Babies Toddlers and Preschool  •  CLICK HERE

Moms of Elementary Kids  •  CLICK HERE

Women, single or who are looking for community but feel they don’t fit in  •  CLICK HERE

Men of All Ages, Shapes and Sizes  •  CLICK HERE

Hispanics Who Live in DFW  •  CLICK HERE

International Hispanics  •  CLICK HERE


Don’t see a Group that matches you?

We have Online Bible Studies for all ages and stages in life CLICK HERE

Seven Qualities of a Christ Follower