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5 Things from CHRIST Church 

Dear CHRIST Church family, 

We had an Elders Administrative meeting last night and a staff meeting this morning. In lieu of those discussions, I thought I’d send you an update. 

First, we are so thankful you have shared God’s blessings with CHRIST Church. We are going to help 43 families in a significant way this Christmas season – because of you. Second, REMEMBER Sunday, November 29 is an ONLINE ONLY Sunday. We will have no live worship that day and the building will be closed except for those involved with worship. We will also do this on December 27th and January 3rd. 

Third, we are VERY thankful for those of you who continue to attend online. That may be odd to say, but “thank you.” Your willingness to worship online allows us to minister on Sundays to those who need the interaction. We’re all working together, and it works.

Fourth, we continue to watch the rise in COVID cases in Dallas County and specifically Irving. We’re monitoring the local hospitals and want to make sure we are not adding to the strain on the healthcare workers. If the cases continue to rise, there is a possibility (probability?) that we further limit the number of available seats to further maximize the distancing in the auditorium on Sunday. Did you know that in a group of 100 people in Dallas County, there is an 88% chance at least 1 person in that group has COVID? As things change, we’ll keep you posted. Please know we are praying for wisdom in this matter and your Elders are weighing the need for safety against the mission of the church.

Fifth, if you mail your checks to CHRIST Church… The mail is taking as many as four weeks to reach us. We deposit your check within a week of receiving it. When that deposit is delayed, it’s slow mail which is out of our control. We love you guys and hope you will reach out to us if we can do anything for you. 

Greg and Keith

Greg@ccirving.com Cell Phone – 214-364-2332

Keith@ccirving.com Cell Phone – 682-597-7421