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Food and Toiletry Drive

Food and Toiletries Drive, February 27 - March 1

Christ Church will once again be collecting items for food and toiletries boxes for those in need.

Baylor, Scott and White Hospital in Irving has asked for our help in providing these boxes, 15-20 per month over the next six months, as they identify Covid patients that fall in a low income or poverty category. When these patients are released from the hospital they will receive a box of food and toiletries in an effort to help them with their immediate basic needs. Space is limited at both Christ Church and Baylor, Scott and White Hospital, so we’re asking for very specific items so these boxes can be packed as tight as possible.

We Will Be Receiving Donations:

Sat. Feb 27  | 8am-4pm (Please place donations in the front foyer of the church)

Sun. Feb. 28  | 8am-2pm (Volunteers will be on hand in front, side entrance of the church to receive your donations)

Mon. Mar. 1. | 4-7pm (Please place donations in the front foyer of the church)

Food Needs

·         Peanut butter

·         Jelly (grape or strawberry)

·         Boxed Mac & Cheese

·         Canned soup

·         Canned fruit (peaches, pears, fruit cocktails, etc.)

·         Canned vegetables (corn, green beans, etc.)

·         Canned stew (Dinty Moore)

·         Canned tuna fish

·         Canned chicken

·         Jar or canned spaghetti sauce

·         Pasta 

·         Bag of rice 

·         Bag of pinto beans

·         Granola bars or protein bars

·         Box of cereal

Toiletry Needs

·         Bar soap

·         Shampoo

·         Deodorant

·         Multi-pack disposable razors

·         Multi-pack toothbrush

·         Toothpaste

·         Toilet Paper, pack of 4  

For More Information Contact steve@ccirving.com