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An Initiative to End Hunger in Irving ISD


Irving can be the example city in the metroplex.  In Irving, the faith community will rise up together to tackle the challenges of our day.  We start with child hunger.  We can solve this easily.  Then we tackle homelessness, racial divides, elderly care, immigrant insecurity and on and on.  We can do it if we all work together.  Christ Church Irving is willing to take the lead, but we cannot do it alone.  And we are not the hero of any story.  We believe the people of faith can truly make a difference when we all work together.  God is the hero of our story, and he just may choose to use you.


•  Over 76% of students in Irving ISD struggle with food insecurity.
•  Food insecurity affects students’ concentration, academic performance, and social-emotional development.
•  Food insecurity is tied to an increased risk of growth delays, anemia, anxiety, depression, and hospitalization.
•  Irving Schools Foundation averages 900 food bags every week and anticipates an increase to 1,500 this year.


How can we build a new building when children are hungry in our community? This is sobering a question. We made plans to build a new auditorium and expand our Children’s Department, but God had a different plan, and His vision is too big to ignore. Our church leaders made a decision to temporarily halt our current construction project, diverting funds to help end child hunger in Irving ISD. It was a bold decision, but it was an easy one. 

“Christianity looks out for those who cannot help themselves, and at the top of that list is a hungry child. It is our duty and our honor to provide the resources that can help students in need, and our Christian conscience would not allow us to construct a new building when there are children going without food.” - Greg Beauchamp

In response, we are partnering with Irving Schools Foundation’s Food For Thought effort to feed needy children in our city. Food For Thought is an initiative that ensures Irving students are equipped for success by collecting and distributing food to students in need.


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