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The GO Movement was started in Irving, TX in 2017 when a small group of Christians started praying for our city.  They prayed for Spiritual, Cultural and Economic vitality. They prayed for church, family and Christian UNITY.


The GO Movement is a GOSPEL movement in Irving.  We seek to spread the gospel to every person living in and around Irving, Texas.  Our goal is to see church attendance double by 2027.  It is estimated that there are 27,000 people living in Irving who regularly attend church services.  By 2027, we pray this number is 54,000.  This will make every church stronger and healthier.  This will help our city be more peaceful and active.  This will benefit the poor and the oppressed, and the hopeless will find hope.


We ask every church to join with the GO Movement.


How can you be involved?  First, find a group in your church who will join you in praying for the salvation of Irving. Spend 90 days asking God what part He wants you are your community of faith to play in this bold endeavor.  Second, encourage your leadership to be ambitious in spreading the gospel.  Third, look for ways you can partner with other Christians in other churches to magnify your impact.  Then, do something.  Act on God’s call on your life to seek and save the lost, the broken, the hurting, the hopeless.  They can find eternal hope and salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ.




In 2018, three churches decided to join forces on Easter Sunday.  They rented the Irving Toyota Music Factory which seats 4,000, with additional room for 4,000 in lawn seating.  They bought 50,000 Easter Eggs for a giant Easter Egg hunt.  They invited Rocket Ismail to share his testimony.  Each of the three pastors told a part of the Easter story.  Bands from three churches led worship separately and together.  They shared the gospel on that family friendly day.  They took Paul’s instruction in 1 Corinthians 9:20-23 seriously and shared the gospel.  They combined their resources, talents and differing styles to create something beautiful to the Glory of God our Father.




Churches are not reaching people in Irving.  We believe it is because the BODY of Christ is disjointed. Each church is a part of the body, but the bodies don’t come together – they don’t really even speak to each other.  How can the body be effective if the eye doesn’t know what the hand is doing, or where the feet are going?  It’s time for the body of Christ to come together to accomplish our mission – to GO into all the world a preach the gospel, baptizing and teaching all Jesus commands.  And He promises to be with us always.


In Irving, we don’t have to GO on an airplane to reach the world.  We have the unique opportunity to GO to the world right here in our own city limits.  May we GO like never before.  May we be a shining light in a dark world. And may God be forever praised because of our humble effort.


Want more information? Email Nick Parker- nick@ccirving.com