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In The Church

There is no greater calling than to serve. Our members have committed to Worship 1 & Serve 1- they worship at one service and serve at another. When you show up a little earlier to serve, and stay a little later, it’s not a burden at all. In fact, those who do this leave thinking, “That was a great day.” There’s just something about serving that enhances the Sunday experience.

In the Community

Our church is proud to partner with community schools and organizations to serve the people of south Irving. We place an emphasis on continuous, relationship-based outreach opportunities that have a deep and lasting effect on the lives of others. Many people search for a ministry that serves many people in a small way; we encourage you to serve a smaller amount of people in a really big way.

Other Opportunities

If you don’t see an outreach opportunity that matches your passion or skill, contact us. We would love to help you get plugged into an opportunity that will allow you to make a huge difference. For more information, email Hunter Beauchamp