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Day 7: Having the Courage to Stand Up for the “Little Guy” December 11, 2018

8 Day Devotional Series for Men

Day 7: Having the Courage to Stand Up for the “Little Guy”

By Earle Vaughan, Self-Employed, Independent Courier

What does it mean to stand up for the little guy?  Standing up for the little guy involves valuing and treating with respect a person who looks, acts, talks, or does things that seem different or even strange to you. Standing up for the little guy doesn’t come naturally, because we feel most comfortable around people similar to ourselves. But Jesus wasn’t content to associate only with God fearing religious people. Jesus spent time with the sick, the blind, tax collectors and sinners. And this habit didn’t go unnoticed. Matthew 9, Mark 2 and Luke 15 all record criticism of Jesus for being with those seen as less worthy of the time and effort of a “real” teacher from God.

 Jesus was a master at finding the outcast and drawing them into conversation and a changed life. In John chapter 4 Jesus met a Samaritan woman and spent time talking with her. In Jesus time a Jewish man (Jesus) wouldn’t have talked to a Samaritan, and especially a woman who was a Samaritan.  When you read John 4, notice the results of Jesus’ actions.

Who is the little guy in your path? This week as you go through your daily routines, look for that person who needs you to spend time with them.