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EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER: Managing Your Emotions in a Christ-Centered Way October 12, 2019


Managing Your Emotions in a Christ-Centered Way

There is nothing inherently wrong with feeling anger, fear, sadness, and the broad spectrum of human emotions. It’s how we deal with those emotions that result in harmful and destructive behaviors. Emotional Rollercoaster is a CHRIST Church sermon series dedicated to helping broken people manage their God-given emotions in a Christ-Centered way.

In helping you find freedom and healing, below is a list of topics and resources we compiled from Re:generation. Regeneration is a biblical 12-step discipleship process, usually structured within the context of small groups. We hope you will find these resources meaningful, if not helpful. For more information about Re:generation, please reach out to Michael Pricer, Pastor of Service and Re-generation, at Michael@ccirving.com.

DISCOURAGEMENT  |  Identity in Christ  or  Living in Gratitude

STRESS  |  What is Weighing You Down

RESENTMENT  |  Biblical Forgiveness, Amends, and Reconciliation

FEAR & ANXIETY |  Dealing with Fear & Anxiety

GUILT & SHAME  |  Dealing with Guilt & Shame