Worship is an expression of our highest love.

Worship is way more than singing for an hour on Sundays

We all worship something or someone, and the key to a full heart is to love Christ above all else. He alone is worthy of our worship—without Him at the center, our hearts are empty, but with Him as our highest love, we are alive and fulfilled.
Worship is way more than singing for an hour on Sundays. You can tell what you truly love by how you spend your time, money, attention, by noticing what drives you and inspires you. Your worship determines your loyalties, your priorities, your decision-making, your attitude. Worship is an all-of-life activity.

AND God loves to make His presence known in a special way when the church gathers to sing His praise. He uses the hour of worship to mold our hearts and shape us into 24/7 worshippers. You can expect to see prayers answered, miracles, AHA moments, life change happening during congregational worship. Why? Because the Holy Spirit loves to come and bless us when we gather to bless Him.

So how can you make the most of your worship time?

1) Set your intention. Prepare your mind beforehand to give all your attention to God, and be ready to express your worship however He leads, no matter who is around you.
2) Set your expectation. God has something special to show you and tell you when you come to worship, so be prepared to encounter Him.
3) Set your watch. Join us on time for worship Sundays PAUSE 9:30 and 11:00 PAUSE online or in person.