You are welcome at CHRIST Church. Yes, you. You will notice as soon as you pull into our parking lot that we are excited you are here!


Our church family consists of some of the friendliest people you will meet. Expect to be greeted, shown around, and invited to sit with someone. We are truly excited to have you.


Our worship is dynamic and relevant. It’s hard to leave a worship service and not feel motivated to live the Christian life.


We believe the Bible to be true. All of it. We believe that it tells us all we need to know about how to be saved, and how God wants us to live. The messages are steeped in Biblical Truth in a practical and applicable way.


Our children’s and student ministries are terrific. Kids love to come to church where they learn, have fun, and enjoy their time, all at the same time. We have a secure environment and teachers who love your kids with a passion to serve. We know that home is the primary place for spiritual growth. As a church, we promise to partner with parents to help you model and teach Christ to their children.

Our student ministry, known as 516 Students, is a great place for students to be. 516 comes from Matthew 5:16, “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.”

516 students, is intended to be a place where any student (in any walk of life) can come, feel comfortable, laugh, and be challenged to grow closer to Jesus. We strive to train and equip students to become leaders that own their faith and do our part this side of heaven in advancing the gospel.


We are loved as we are, but none of us want to stay there. We are all seeking to lean into Christ and become more like Him daily. When you leave, you will feel the Spirit spurning you toward Holiness.

  1. Arrive Early. The first visit always takes longer than you think to find where you are going. After your first visit, you'll be a pro!
  2. Park in the Back. It LOOKS like you should park in the front and walk in the front doors. Don't be fooled! The Worship Center is in the back- just wanted you to know.
  3. Bring your Kids. The classes are great, and your kids may love CHRIST Church more than you.
  4. Note the time. CHRIST Church starts on time and finishes on time. If our service says we start at 11:00 am, we start at 11:00 am. Worship services are 60 minutes, so you know you will be out by 12:00 noon.
  5. Stay Late. CHRIST Church is full of friendly people, and you will meet a lot of new friends. The longer you stay, the more folks you will meet. You can rush out, but if you choose to stay, you will be glad you did.
  6. Sit in the Middle or on the South Side. The best seats are in the middle. The second best seats are on the far side of the room. If CHRIST Church sold seats, these would go for more than the ones by the North doors.
  7. The Apps. CHRIST Church loads all scriptures and notes on The Bible App. If you have a smartphone, you can get the app. Open it up and go to the menu and click on "Live." Then click on "Search Live Event." You will find CHRIST Church Irving. There you will see the outline, scriptures, and even a place to take notes. We also have our own CHRIST Church Irving App. There you can find events, watch past sermons, submit prayer requests, and more!
  8. Meet Keith and Greg. Make sure you find them, introduce yourself, and shake their hands. They are really great guys and can help you find the right people who can make your experience great. You can usually find them at the top of the stairs near the Welcome Center.
  9. Visit the Welcome Center. At the top of the stairs in the lobby, you can get a Guest Bag! In it you will find a lot of information about CHRIST Church and a homemade goodie! The friendly greeters inside are also great people to help you get connected.
  10. Bring a sweater or jacket. It's often cold in the Worship Center. If you are cold-natured, bring a sweater or jacket.