Baptism is an act of obedience. Following Christ’s example, baptism shows God and others that our faith is real, and we die to our old life and are raised with a new life in Christ.

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Whether you’re new to the faith or began following Jesus many years ago, there’s a next step to take in your own story. Next Steps is a four-week experience that gives you a better understanding about God, our church, and how you can grow in your faith.


GO SERVE is our ministry arm for all things service-related inside and outside of CHRIST Church. If you want to serve as a Greeter, in the Student Ministry, or on the Media team scroll down and sign up. Or, if you want to serve our community through Many Helping Hands, adopt a family in need, or through Family Promise, scroll down and sign up. Go Serve!


At Christ Church, we’re passionate about developing disciples. Our Discipleship Path offers three paths you can travel to walk together in community with others while taking tangible next steps in your journey with God.